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Data collection


In today's ever-evolving business landscape, data plays a crucial role in driving success. At Aimproved, we understand the vital importance of high-quality training data in developing precise and effective machine learning models. Our cutting-edge platform employs advanced algorithms and sophisticated machine learning techniques to generate insights that enable our clients to make better and more informed decisions. Our team works in close collaboration with our clients to comprehend their distinctive business requirements and customize our solutions to fulfill their specific needs. Whether our clients require support in data collection, data analysis, or building and training machine learning models, our team is proficient and determined to offer dependable and efficient services. 

Full API integration

With Aimproved, you can count on us to maximize and optimize workflow and workforce for the highest possible ROI. No matter what size of company or industry you are in, we'll make sure that every resource is being utilized at full capacity. Our intelligent tasking will allow us to strategically increase productivity while optimizing staff performance and optimizing workflow for best-in-class efficiency.  As a crowd management company , we make sure that each one of our freelancers are set up with consistent tasks they can complete on a monthly basis - which is why you can count on Aimproved for all your machine learning needs!

Merged audience

Our expansive network of AI companies provides us with the opportunity to work on some of the most innovative projects in today's changing technology landscape. We are proud partners with industry leaders - all leading names in innovation and high-quality production. This partnership allows us to come up with solutions for any challenges that may arise when it comes to sourcing qualified talent quickly enough for our clientele. To make sure we're delivering the best service possible for both parties, we offer new contracts only after ensuring that freelancers feel valued from day one through their contract period and beyond.

Efficient analytics 

 Analysis of best work practices enables us to streamline projects so that all tasks are completed successfully in an orderly fashion. We understand the importance of time and working efficiently.  We make sure that clients' deadlines are fulfilled and never missed. Our analytical approach to project management enables us to complete tasks in the most efficient way possible, saving both time and money. Detail-oriented individuals make sure that each task assigned is done at the appropriate moment so as not to delay or interrupt progress towards reaching the goal of successfully completing a project on time.

Our team keeps up with the rapidly evolving technology landscape by staying informed of the latest advancements, allowing us to readily adapt to new technological innovations

Digest e-mails

With our enormous talent pool, we will be able to produce a large number of talented individuals for projects through one promotional campaign. Our company offers every service in over 20 languages and provides more personnel when necessary. Machine learning is an integral part of what makes us tick. Innovation is an invaluable asset for us because it allows us to provide you with a solution that is innovative. This means you can trust our innovation skills to keep providing you with efficient and high-quality work done at lightning speed - this means you won't have to worry about ever being without human resources.


Do you work for a company that actively looks out for new business opportunities? As we connect to world class corporations, there are always new ventures waiting outside the door ‐ so we can delegate them and both grow together. This also means if needed, you will have extra jobs at your disposal; and be able to take on other projects that may suit you better or jointly develop them with us, this is why we delegate these tasks and both grow together. Our team has plenty of projects available, and if necessary delegating some of them to our vendors and partners which is great and benefits all parties involved.

Smart Tasking

Our careful task assignment process keeps both clients and freelancers satisfied when dealing with our company. Our methodical ways of allocating tasks ensures success for every project undertaken without fail. Moreover, it provides new opportunities for each person who joins us to take on the most appropriate jobs based on their skillsets - ensuring that everyone's time is well-spent working hard and achieving goals expediently. It is our meticulous work ethic that ensures satisfaction for both clients and freelancers. Our formal methodology of assigning projects ensures successful completion without fail. 

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