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Our data enrichment and data entry services are designed to transcribe any type of data or dataset into a digital format that is optimized for machine learning. Our workforce is dedicated to providing data enrichment, processing, and cleansing services to ensure that your raw data is validated for accuracy, consistency, and completeness, thereby ensuring the most precise results possible in a timely manner. We understand that accuracy is crucial, which is why we utilize two levels of transcription for all of our projects. Our team is composed of highly skilled bilingual speakers from all over the world who are capable of accurately capturing details in any language. At Aimproved, we take pride in delivering the highest level of accuracy with an unbeatable turnaround time.

Our team of linguistic experts ensures the highest level of accuracy and precision when transcribing content, meeting all industry quality standards

Audio Transcription for Artificial Intelligence

Audio transcription plays a huge role in helping machines interpret human voices and learn what those humans are trying to say. It also predicts words and sentences, making communication between people and machines easier than ever before. If you ask us, we're about halfway there- somewhere around 99% accuracy - making it a vital component of our communication system with machines and develop artificial  intelligence.

Enhancing Learning and Performance Capabilities

Accurate training data is critical for artificial intelligence. Training algorithms need accurate information in order to produce results that are reliable. Translating speech to text can seem like an easy task, but there are many factors that go into determining how words should be translated and put together into sentences, it is crucial to take into account how complicated language actually is - accent, dialect, insertions, tonality and mannerisms are just some of its many intricacies.

Understanding the Importance Of Accurate Data

Accurate training data is the backbone of artificial intelligence. It affects the overall performance of AI-based models. While translating speech to text sounds like an easy task where one transcribes spoken language into written text, it is important to note that the human language is a complicated set of nuances, accent, dialect, interjections, tone and mannerisms are some nuances that influence the way words and sentences are meant.

Decipher and Filter Audio with Precision 

Scenarios in which audio is recorded are not always perfect. It requires attentive listening and skillful expertise to accurately decipher spoken language with background noise, multiple speakers overlapping one another, pauses, speakers with different accents, effects of connectivity issues on recorded calls - and so much more. In these situations, it's important to filter out low-quality content and optimize what you retain, ensuring  maximum learning potential of the content that is being transcribed.

High-quality Transcription Results Is Our Priority

No matter what industry you’re in, we can always assist with our transcription services. Although speech recognition software has been advancing for years now, human transcribers are still the most reliable option when it comes to accuracy. Our team is made up of many experienced transcribers who know how to handle tricky parts of dialogue - which means that no transcript will go unrevised. Our teams delivers high-quality content at affordable rates.

Committed to Deadlines and Exceeding Expectations

At Aimproved, we dedicate ourselves to improving your experience by listening closely to your needs and providing transcription services that exceed expectations. Our team has been trained in the latest technology for delivering faster, more efficient service with increased accuracy. And since we're here for you 24/7, all year long- whether it's Friday night or Sunday morning- you don't have to worry about deadlines getting missed or conversations missing crucial details. 

Aimproved provides accurate and reliable transcription services across a variety of industries, including medical records, legal transcripts, and speech audio data

Medical Transcription

Podcast Transcription

Sermon Transcription

Legal Transcription

Bussines Transcription

Video Transcription

Academic Transcription

Online Transcription

Interview Transcription

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